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The Friends of Milton Crew stand united against racism.

We are committed to championing equality and social justice. Rowing teaches us to work as a team and build trust to reach a common goal on the water. It's clear that we must do the same in our communities, standing together to fight racism and injustice.To BIPOC communities, we say: we hear you; we see you; and we stand with you.
We recognize the history and reputation of rowing as an elite sport, and we understand how structures that have kept rowing a predominantly white space have taken root in the same soil as systems that oppress Black communities and other communities of color in all areas of life.

We cannot be bystanders in this struggle. We can make anti-racism, diversity and inclusion a priority for our organization. We can ensure that we maintain a culture of respect that is welcoming to all. And by seeking understanding and taking action, we can ensure that our rowing programs and our organization are equitably accessible and universally welcoming to the diverse communities along the Neponset River.

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