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High school programs

Competitive rowing programs for high school students

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Competitive high school rowing for boys and girls in stable 4's and 8's. No experience needed – we'll help you learn stroke fundamentals and rowing knowledge. Apply what you've learned by competing in weekend regattas! Students from all local high schools are welcome.


Adult rowing for fitness, sport and occasional competition

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Adult Programs offer sweep rowing in stable 8-person or 4-person shells, for rowers with a variety of experience levels who enjoy a team atmosphere. This program will build on stroke fundamentals and knowledge of rowing to become more confident, efficient rowers.


Learn to row and other programs for adults, teens and middle-schoolers

These programs help incoming 7th, 8th and 9th graders build an understanding of stroke fundamentals and knowledge of rowing, and help beginners and returning middle school participants become more confident, efficient rowers.

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