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Neponset Rowing Club

The Friends of Milton Crew (now Neponset Rowing Club) was founded in 2011 by five individuals who saw the opportunity the Neponset offered to introduce rowing to Milton. Working in cooperation with the schools they first offered Milton High School Crew as a club program and later a varsity sport. Girls and boys boats have won Massachusetts State Championships. Neponset Rowing Club was setup to expand our ability to offer rowing opportunities to the entire  community, inviting rowers from 8th grade to adults to participate.

Our Mission Statement
Our mission is to share the joy and life-changing benefits of rowing with the diverse communities of the Neponset river.


Crew’s success demands personal responsibility, goal setting, dedication and accountability to the greater whole – skills also essential to our community at large. NRC rowers learn the necessity of teammates pulling together to transcend their individual strengths and weaknesses – and build skills in teamwork, leadership and personal responsibility that last a lifetime.

Benefits and Opportunities of Rowing With Us
We use a competitive racing schedule to instill the traits and skills necessary for success. Each student-athlete learns the value of discipline, determination, and teamwork. They learn that individual success depends on the team’s performance. Further, they learn the value of a healthy, active lifestyle and increase their physical stamina, flexibility and coordination. The athletes increase their self-esteem by continually testing and expanding their limits. Finally, they will make lifelong friends and have FUN!


It is the policy of the Neponset Rowing Club not to exclude anyone due to financial considerations. NRC recognizes that crew is an expensive sport, and in keeping with our mission, we wish to provide the opportunity to participate to all who are interested. To apply for a scholarship for NRC, please email the Program Director, Jess Burbridge at All correspondence are and will remain confidential.


Safety is our first priority
NRC supports rowing by generating operating funds, purchasing boats and other equipment necessary to support the teams. It also provides food and drinks to rowers at regattas and coordinates fundraising, social events, and activities throughout the year.

NRC is a member of USRowing, the national governing body of rowing. One of the benefits of membership is insurance coverage; it protects all of our members while they are participating in covered activities such as practice. It also protects members while they are participating in registered regattas. In addition, we will have coverage for our boats and equipment in the event that they are damaged.

Safety is our primary concern before any youth is allowed onto the water. All rowers must complete an application and sign a release of liability form. Rowers must also participate in a safety session and demonstrate sufficient swimming skills, including swimming 100 feet and treading water for 10 minutes.


Please refer to the additional information provided on the site for the specific programs. Generally, rowers are expected to practice six days a week (Monday through Saturday). A typical practice takes about two hours from drop-off to pick up and consists of warm-ups, boat rigging, rowing, and breakdown.


ll rowers will be expected to comply with a code of conduct, including rules governing equipment use and safety. Parents of youth rowers should familiarize themselves with these rules, and are expected to be prompt at rower pick-up.


Training will be provided on a regular basis by certified coaches, and will be supplemented by periodic clinics open to members hosted by experienced rowing veterans.


Our Board of Directors
The Board of Directors of Neponset Rowing Club meets monthly. Our board members are:

  • Thomas Leonard, President

  • Heather Delaney, Treasurer

  • Ed Dow, Clerk

  • Robert Bell, Director

  • Liz Matson, Director

  • Arlene Simon, Director

  • Carter Fahy, Director

  • Kristen Brown, Director

  • Kirby Files, Director

  • Michael Boucher, Director

  • Robert Mannino, Director

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