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Friends, family and fan challenge

If you've spent any time with us at all, you've heard us talk about how excited we get every time someone is out on the Neponset in one of our boats. And you've also heard us talk about the financial challenges of maintaining an aging fleet, plus other operating expenses.

Today we're sharing some great news

A generous donor has offered to donate $25,000 for rowing on the Neponset – if we can raise another $25K to match it. (We can't say who until the money is actually raised.) Even better news – with the leadership of a dedicated and hardy band of parents and rowing fans, we're just a few dollars short of raising $15K. We're more than halfway to $25K!

Can you help?

If you have already donated, here's a huge thank you! If you haven't – would you be willing to help? Equipment, fees, and travel costs add up, and $50K will help a lot.

You can donate securely to help us get to $25K here – and help us keep making community rowing on the Neponset a better, more accessible experience.

Thanks so much for your generosity!

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