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Our biggest race yet this Fall '22 season!

The fall Neponset Rowing Club youth competitive rowing season is making a stop at the Head of the Charles tomorrow. The HOTC is the largest three-day regatta in the world – and NRC rowers will compete in girls and boys races tomorrow. And there's more good news – the inevitable late October rain is supposed to hold off until late afternoon, but of course, it's New England rowing, so anything can happen.

For those attending, here are the NRC race times in the 2022 HOTC:

8:19 AM - Women's Youth Fours

  • 10:47 AM - Men's Youth Fours

It's always exciting to watch from one of the bridges close to the finish line. The official HOTC site offers a handy "where to watch" guide. And race results are available here. Hope you'll come out to cheer on our boats and soak up the unbelievable HOTC atmosphere. There really is nothing like it!

Speaking of race results

Since season end is approaching, We want to share our Fall '22 season race results to date.

But first...

Time for a few thank you's:

  • Thank you, rowers. Your collective energy and work ethic is impressive!

  • Thank you, parents. You do a lot of driving, take care of the food and tents and generously support the organization.

  • Thank you, coaches. You invest so much in helping our rowers achieve more and more while keeping it fun.

  • Thank you, regatta organizers. It's a lot of working putting on a regatta and you do a great job

  • Thank you to our Program Director. You spend long hours making sure our rowers and coaches have all they need.

Now here are the Fall '22 results so far:

Textile Regatta

Men’s Jr 4+ "B" - 12th out of 14 Men’s Jr Novice 4+ - 8th out of 13 Women’s Jr Novice 4+ - 14th out of 15 Men’s Jr 4+ "A" - 13th out of 24 Women’s Jr 4+ "A" - 15th out of 20 Men’s Jr 2x - 6th out of 6 Men’s Jr Ltwt 4+ - canceled but our rowers rowed the course and came in 2nd of the 3 boats that had times recorded

New England Championship Regatta Men's 1st JR Varsity - 12th out of 27 Men's 2nd JR Varsity - 10th out of 17 Men's 3rd JR Varsity - 7th out of 9 Women's 1st JR Varsity - 15th out of 24 Men's 1st JR Novice - 7th out of 16 Women's 1st JR Novice - 12th out of 15 New Hampshire Championships George Dirth Regatta Men’s Jr 4+ A Flight - 12th out of 24 Women’s Jr 4+ A Flight - 14th out of 23 Men’s Jr 4+ B, C & D Flight (2 boats) - 10th & 13th out of 19 Men’s Jr Novice 4+ - 16th out of 19 Women’s Jr Novice 4+ - 16th out of 19

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