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What we're thankful for

We're thankful for the Milton Crew seniors who will go on to row in college.

For those who won't, but who will carry important lessons learned on the Neponset for the rest of their lives. For varsity rowers who'll be back next year and novices looking forward to rowing varsity. For coaches who give our kids everything they've got and parents who drop them off, pick them up, and who stand ready with the extra nutrition they need right when they need it – before and after practice, at regattas, and everyplace in between.

While we're at it, we're also thankful for

  • Adult rowers who showing us all that rowing is most definitely a lifelong pursuit

  • MYC members managing the dock and keeping an eye out for safety on the water

  • Volunteers who take on so many roles, including our volunteer board

We're thankful to be safely back on the water. Getting out again was the first step in executing on our bold strategic plan for community-based rowing on the Neponset. Over the next three years we plan to grow our programming, reach more local rowers, roll out new boats, and win more trophies.

We couldn't do any of this without you.

We're thankful for all you've done for youth and adults who row with us on the Neponset. And we hope that maybe, at this time of giving, you might support us again or for the first time.

Boats are wicked expensive.

A new boat – and our goal is to buy 2 for the spring season – costs about $25,000. Any amount buys a piece of a boat, of course, and we're grateful for the support you offer. But we ask you to consider one thing – everyone who rows does everything twice. For every pull of the oar, they have to push it back. Every time they row out to where the river meets the harbor, they have to row back to the dock. Every time.

Could you consider donating twice what you'd normally donate? Just a thought. Whatever you can give, we are deeply grateful.

Above all, we're deeply thankful for your support.

MHS Crew - Senior Girls 2020

MHS Crew - Senior Boys 2020

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